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Frequently Asked Questions

The PCG Academy is much more than a course. Alongside out 100+ video lessons across 12 courses; we run live classes, offer full archives of class recordings and host a market-leading crypto social network. More information can be found here!

Our PCGA Alumni membership entitles you to an additional 11 courses, group mastermind sessions and weekly coaching with 1-on-1 sessions to help you reach the next level!

We offer our service as a monthly membership because we’re certain that the value we provide is justified each and every month. We don’t market a one-off £1000 course that you purchase and we move on. Alongside the ever-growing course library, our social network and live classes provide you with value each and every day.

Our yearly memberships are part-refundable. If you commit to completing the available courses in your first month, and you’re still not convinced, we will refund the remaining 11 months of your subscription.

As our content is immediately available, we are unable to offer a blanket refund for monthly subscribers. But, if during your first month you complete the available courses and still don’t think we have provided you with value, we welcome you to reach out to any of the staff or use our support system to discuss your situation.